Good fats…BAD fats

It is really confusing all the conflicting information in the media about fats.  Unfortunately a lot of the so called experts are being paid to give us the wrong the information. Its all about the money honey

The most important thing about fats to remember is that man made trans fats are bad for you. They are the biggest cause of heart disease and a big contributor to type 2 diabetes.

The easy way to eat healthy fats is just stay natural.  Margarine is a huge no no!!!!

So when you are in the supermarket and have to make all those decisions on what to buy to be healthier and feel better….just look for the products which are 100% natural, like organic butter, lard, full fat organic dairy,  coconut oil to cook in because it can be cooked at high temperatures.  Avocados, nuts, olive oil, olives…al natural.

Don’t ever cut out fat completely out of your diet because we need fat in every single cell in out body to exist and stay healthy.  We also really need the natural LDL and HDL fats from animal meats.  All in moderation. Some people need more fat than others to be healthy at different times in their life. Just look a the Alaskan people with their high fat diet , how healthy they are.  Fat is not the enemy , it is the kind of fat…namely natural straight from nature, fat that is healthy for us.

Fats to avoid;  so easy!!! If a product has a long shelf live it means bad trans fats and all kinds of other nasties as well.

Biscuits, white bread, candies, pizza, white flour, cakes, ice cream, fake cheese (read the ingredients)  french fries, pastries, margarine

Also Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil are bad fats

Remember you are what you eat. We have been consuming natural fats for ever, its good for you. Just make sure that what you are eating is natural and not interfered with, like some yoghurts that we think is healthy but are actually a desert 🙂

Remember the 90/10 rule.  Live 90% of the time healthy , then you can afford some naughties.



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Are you sleeping enough? Are you sleeping at the crucial times for complete recovery?

Sleeping enough and good quality sleep has a huge impact on our lives.

Depression, obesity, elevated blood pressure and heart problems and naturally tiredness.

If we don’t sleep enough we start our day tired and in a not so good mood..which means the day can only go down hill….noooooo
In order to feel more energised to reach for caffeine and sugary snacks…weight gain
We need more food to function when we are tired so we eat more than usual….weight gain
if we exercise after a poor nights sleep we add more stress to an already tired body and thus raising blood pressure and are more likely to get injured.

But worst of all is we are feeling crap… which will be the vibe we will be sending out that day to others , and we will unintentionally lower their spirits . We are more likely to have fall outs with colleagues and friends and family.

Another crucial point regarding sleep, is when we sleep. Our beings are trying to synchronise with the eb and flow of the universe. Optimal sleep occurs from 10;30 at night till 6;00 in the morning.

10;30 till 2;00 is when the physical body repairs , 2;00 till 6;00 is when the brain/ mental recovery is happening. skip out on any of these and you will be struggling.

Ways to improve sleep;
Get to bed the same time every night.
Dim lights in the house an hour before going to bed at least.
Don’t watch T.V or spend time on your iPads , mobile phones on any other electronic devices at least an hour before going to bed.
Read a book
listen to relaxing music
spend time with your loved ones
write in your diary
Don’t eat a big meal 3 hours before going to bed, this will keep you up
do have a small snack before going to bed, no sugar.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!

Wake up refreshed and ready for your brand new day full of fascinating experiences .


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Hello Surrey

Oh it feels so good to be back in England and this beautiful county.

I am looking forward to helping my clients achieve their goals.


Carmen xxx

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Time to say goodbye

It is time for me to say goodbye to all my lovely clients over the years.

I have enjoyed every single minute helping and guiding and supporting you towards a healthier life. Every single one of you enriched my life tremendously .

This is not the end but a new beginning for us. We are moving to a sunnier country where I will soon start up again as Carmen Health & Fitness.



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This year is flying by….

Cant believe we are already in November, crazy stuff.

This year I have achieved a lot. I am now a fully qualified Holistic Lifestyle Level 2 Coach!!! This is the most studying, research, paperwork , thinking that I have ever done for a course. It was truly intense, to learn so much about the human body, mind and soul. And I feel absolutely blessed for being able to do this course and to pass the very intense exam.

My passion has always been to help people live a healthy life. And more and more I had very unhealthy, lost, desperate people walking through my studio doors. After doing my holistic lifestyle coach level 1, I could already help people improve their health massively. Ditching long term medications and living pain free and feeling healthier and stronger than I have in a long time. So I had to learn more.

I look forward to helping all my clients as best I can, at a pace that suit them.

Health and happiness


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2016 the year to be healthy

Happy 2016!!!!!

Is it a new year with new goals or a new year with continued goals?

Which ever it is, your number one goal should always be your health. ?If you look after your body and soul , it will look after you when you need it to.

Looking after your physical self;

1. Eating fresh food, avoid processed

2. Consuming the appropriate amount of food and drink for your lifestyle. ?If you sit all day, you need to eat small meals.

3. Movement is life; the more you move the healthier and stronger you will be. Move every day. ?do some form of physical activity every day. weather it is walking up and down the stairs to going to the gym. ?the stronger your muscles the more calories you will burn at rest.

4. Rest; ?get enough sleep. ?aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. ?people that sleep less, tend to be overweight and unhealthy.

5. Flexibility; weak inhibited muscles and joints lead to tiredness and aches and pains

Taking care of your soul;

1. Be in nature

2. Meditate

3. yoga/ tai chi….

4. Religion

5. Smile

You have to make time to look after yourself, if you fail to do this, you will be unhealthy, tired……….depressed…….

Put in your diary time for you every day!!!!!!

To a healthy, happy 2016

Carmen 🙂

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It is absolutely normal to some times feel; I don’t want to exercise , I rather just want to veg out…watch TV 🙂

These are the days that you need to think; Why am I feeling like this? What happened the last few days? ? Know why you are feeling like this.

Then you learn from this information. ?When I feel like or exhausted or drained or just lazy like this because I have done xyz, ?I need to do working in exercises. ?Exercise that heal the mind and body. get rid of the negative energies and energise .

Working in can be going for a nice walk or swim or do Pilates where you focus on your breathing and strengthen from within, ?or you do Yoga where you work on flexibility and strengthening or relaxing the mind.

But the most important thing to do is : Do something!!!!!

Do not just sit there, it won’t help you feel better, maybe just worst.

Drink a nice glass of water and go and to some energising , uplifting working in exercises .

Carmen 🙂 x

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So many people go through life unhappy. ?Why are so many people popping anti depressants?

If you can learn to love yourself and value yourself, you will be so much happier in life. When you learn to love yourself, you will realise that in order to love your own body , you need to start looking at exercise and nutrition.

As we become more in touch with our true happier self, your body will be telling you that it wants to do exercise. ?so find something you can enjoy doing. ?Now that the weather is so lovely look at challenges you might enjoy like a 5km run or , go hiking in the countryside , become one with nature. feel yourself coming alive with any form of exercise. Use your beautiful body and enjoy it.

You will also learn that once you start loving yourself, you would want to nurture your body with healthy food. ?Healthy unprocessed food release healthy vitamins and minerals that make us feel good. ditch the processed food.

Love yourself and be proud to be you. look at yourself in the mirror and see the healthy person that you can be and will be.

I love exercise, it makes me feel alive and strong and energetic. ?

Health and happiness?

Carmen 🙂

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How many of us do some form of physical activity every day? ?Very few.

We as humans have been designed to hunt for our food, hiking across vast terrains, work in the fields (gardening) and cook from scratch. ?Now most people sit all day staring at screens and eating quick easy meals. ? The result is we are overweight and unhappy and unhealthy.

Movement is crucial , not just to be slimmer and happier, ?but movement is what moves the nutrients through our body and help with elimination of toxins. ?If we move enough we will be healthier , slimmer, happier beings.

Movement can come in many forms . As an holistic lifestyle coach we categorise movement as; ?working out and working in.

We need to balance both working in and working out for a healthy balanced body. ?Working out is expending energy and working in is building energy.

In my sessions with clients we work on both forms of movement, for healthy happy balanced individual.

But remember any movement is better than no movement. ?Get up and start moving.

Happy Days


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Oh my world , how time flies.

I am really excited about 2015 after my fantastic skiing holiday with my husband and doggy in February.

It is really important to take time out and relax and recharge. ?I love being in the mountains, all the fresh air and the stunning scenery.

So 2015 here we are. ?We need to get ourselves in gear. What to do ? ?After a holiday I always go on a good detox. ?Which includes taking some really good detox products and eating super dooper healthy. ?Drinking lots of filtered water, you do not want to drink tap water, all those chemicals and hormones, yuck.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. avoid cereals and bread at all cost. a good breakfast is some nice organic eggs, spinach , mushrooms, bacon, salmon ex. depending on your primal diet type.

It is important to plan your meals and your exercise routines and times. ?Failing to plan is planning to fail! ?Always slot in time for exercise into your diary, because if you don’t, it won’t happen. ?If I don’t putt in the diary, it won’t happen, there is always work or something that has to be done.

It is good to vary the types of exercise you do and intensity.

The in thing now is HIIT training. meaning high intensity for shorter periods of time. ?As always, to much of anything is not good for you either. ?But HIIT training is a very good form of anti ageing exercise. ? Very important to use perfect technique when doing HIIT, as you will get injured otherwise.

So I am feeling very healthy and ready to tackle my 2015 fitness goals and work goals.

Always define your goals. ?Know what you want to do. ?Put it in the diary.

To health and happiness.


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