Are you sleeping enough? Are you sleeping at the crucial times for complete recovery?

Sleeping enough and good quality sleep has a huge impact on our lives.

Depression, obesity, elevated blood pressure and heart problems and naturally tiredness.

If we don’t sleep enough we start our day tired and in a not so good mood..which means the day can only go down hill….noooooo
In order to feel more energised to reach for caffeine and sugary snacks…weight gain
We need more food to function when we are tired so we eat more than usual….weight gain
if we exercise after a poor nights sleep we add more stress to an already tired body and thus raising blood pressure and are more likely to get injured.

But worst of all is we are feeling crap… which will be the vibe we will be sending out that day to others , and we will unintentionally lower their spirits . We are more likely to have fall outs with colleagues and friends and family.

Another crucial point regarding sleep, is when we sleep. Our beings are trying to synchronise with the eb and flow of the universe. Optimal sleep occurs from 10;30 at night till 6;00 in the morning.

10;30 till 2;00 is when the physical body repairs , 2;00 till 6;00 is when the brain/ mental recovery is happening. skip out on any of these and you will be struggling.

Ways to improve sleep;
Get to bed the same time every night.
Dim lights in the house an hour before going to bed at least.
Don’t watch T.V or spend time on your iPads , mobile phones on any other electronic devices at least an hour before going to bed.
Read a book
listen to relaxing music
spend time with your loved ones
write in your diary
Don’t eat a big meal 3 hours before going to bed, this will keep you up
do have a small snack before going to bed, no sugar.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!

Wake up refreshed and ready for your brand new day full of fascinating experiences .


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