Good fats…BAD fats

It is really confusing all the conflicting information in the media about fats.  Unfortunately a lot of the so called experts are being paid to give us the wrong the information. Its all about the money honey

The most important thing about fats to remember is that man made trans fats are bad for you. They are the biggest cause of heart disease and a big contributor to type 2 diabetes.

The easy way to eat healthy fats is just stay natural.  Margarine is a huge no no!!!!

So when you are in the supermarket and have to make all those decisions on what to buy to be healthier and feel better….just look for the products which are 100% natural, like organic butter, lard, full fat organic dairy,  coconut oil to cook in because it can be cooked at high temperatures.  Avocados, nuts, olive oil, olives…al natural.

Don’t ever cut out fat completely out of your diet because we need fat in every single cell in out body to exist and stay healthy.  We also really need the natural LDL and HDL fats from animal meats.  All in moderation. Some people need more fat than others to be healthy at different times in their life. Just look a the Alaskan people with their high fat diet , how healthy they are.  Fat is not the enemy , it is the kind of fat…namely natural straight from nature, fat that is healthy for us.

Fats to avoid;  so easy!!! If a product has a long shelf live it means bad trans fats and all kinds of other nasties as well.

Biscuits, white bread, candies, pizza, white flour, cakes, ice cream, fake cheese (read the ingredients)  french fries, pastries, margarine

Also Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil are bad fats

Remember you are what you eat. We have been consuming natural fats for ever, its good for you. Just make sure that what you are eating is natural and not interfered with, like some yoghurts that we think is healthy but are actually a desert 🙂

Remember the 90/10 rule.  Live 90% of the time healthy , then you can afford some naughties.



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