Oh my world , how time flies.

I am really excited about 2015 after my fantastic skiing holiday with my husband and doggy in February.

It is really important to take time out and relax and recharge. ?I love being in the mountains, all the fresh air and the stunning scenery.

So 2015 here we are. ?We need to get ourselves in gear. What to do ? ?After a holiday I always go on a good detox. ?Which includes taking some really good detox products and eating super dooper healthy. ?Drinking lots of filtered water, you do not want to drink tap water, all those chemicals and hormones, yuck.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. avoid cereals and bread at all cost. a good breakfast is some nice organic eggs, spinach , mushrooms, bacon, salmon ex. depending on your primal diet type.

It is important to plan your meals and your exercise routines and times. ?Failing to plan is planning to fail! ?Always slot in time for exercise into your diary, because if you don’t, it won’t happen. ?If I don’t putt in the diary, it won’t happen, there is always work or something that has to be done.

It is good to vary the types of exercise you do and intensity.

The in thing now is HIIT training. meaning high intensity for shorter periods of time. ?As always, to much of anything is not good for you either. ?But HIIT training is a very good form of anti ageing exercise. ? Very important to use perfect technique when doing HIIT, as you will get injured otherwise.

So I am feeling very healthy and ready to tackle my 2015 fitness goals and work goals.

Always define your goals. ?Know what you want to do. ?Put it in the diary.

To health and happiness.


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