How many of us do some form of physical activity every day? ?Very few.

We as humans have been designed to hunt for our food, hiking across vast terrains, work in the fields (gardening) and cook from scratch. ?Now most people sit all day staring at screens and eating quick easy meals. ? The result is we are overweight and unhappy and unhealthy.

Movement is crucial , not just to be slimmer and happier, ?but movement is what moves the nutrients through our body and help with elimination of toxins. ?If we move enough we will be healthier , slimmer, happier beings.

Movement can come in many forms . As an holistic lifestyle coach we categorise movement as; ?working out and working in.

We need to balance both working in and working out for a healthy balanced body. ?Working out is expending energy and working in is building energy.

In my sessions with clients we work on both forms of movement, for healthy happy balanced individual.

But remember any movement is better than no movement. ?Get up and start moving.

Happy Days


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