So many people go through life unhappy. ?Why are so many people popping anti depressants?

If you can learn to love yourself and value yourself, you will be so much happier in life. When you learn to love yourself, you will realise that in order to love your own body , you need to start looking at exercise and nutrition.

As we become more in touch with our true happier self, your body will be telling you that it wants to do exercise. ?so find something you can enjoy doing. ?Now that the weather is so lovely look at challenges you might enjoy like a 5km run or , go hiking in the countryside , become one with nature. feel yourself coming alive with any form of exercise. Use your beautiful body and enjoy it.

You will also learn that once you start loving yourself, you would want to nurture your body with healthy food. ?Healthy unprocessed food release healthy vitamins and minerals that make us feel good. ditch the processed food.

Love yourself and be proud to be you. look at yourself in the mirror and see the healthy person that you can be and will be.

I love exercise, it makes me feel alive and strong and energetic. ?

Health and happiness?

Carmen 🙂

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