It is absolutely normal to some times feel; I don’t want to exercise , I rather just want to veg out…watch TV 🙂

These are the days that you need to think; Why am I feeling like this? What happened the last few days? ? Know why you are feeling like this.

Then you learn from this information. ?When I feel like or exhausted or drained or just lazy like this because I have done xyz, ?I need to do working in exercises. ?Exercise that heal the mind and body. get rid of the negative energies and energise .

Working in can be going for a nice walk or swim or do Pilates where you focus on your breathing and strengthen from within, ?or you do Yoga where you work on flexibility and strengthening or relaxing the mind.

But the most important thing to do is : Do something!!!!!

Do not just sit there, it won’t help you feel better, maybe just worst.

Drink a nice glass of water and go and to some energising , uplifting working in exercises .

Carmen 🙂 x

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