Carmen, I cannot thank you enough for your help and inspiration in the last couple of months. I had been stuck in a rut for many years and was a very unhappy person heading towards some serious health problems. Meeting you and training with you has changed my life for the better. Not only have I lost weight and become fitter and healthier, but the training has changed my outlook on so many things. My short term goal of losing weight has evolved into changes that I plan to make for the rest of my life. Your inspiration has made me a better, happier person, and cannot wait to come back!

Thanks again!

Lucy Glover


About a year ago I was feeling low and really unhappy about my weight and general fitness.? I had tried many times before to get fit and the default option for me had always been to join a gym.? The gym option had never really worked for me though.? I always started with great intentions, motivation and commitment but it never lasted.? I decided that I needed to try something else.? I found Carmen’s website and contacted her to arrange a free introductory session where she assessed my physical wellbeing which involved putting me through my paces.? At the end of the first session it was clear Carmen had a clear understanding of my current fitness and the objectives that I wanted to achieve.? Carmen developed an individual plan for our 1 to 1 sessions but also drew up a plan for my solo running sessions.? Carmen also gave me excellent dietary advice, she really took ownership of my goals and we had regular communication via email and on the phone where she would check on my progress and general wellbeing.? With Carmen’s expertise and guidance along with my commitment, in less than a year I had lost 3 stone and became?significantly fitter with the confidence to attend organised runs.? My goal for the next year is to continue with Carmen as my mentor and elevate my athletic ability to the next level.? I could not have achieved my goals without Carmen pushing me, consoling me and mentoring me along the way ensuring my motivation levels always stay high by reminding me of why I am doing this and what I had already achieved.? Carmen believed in me at the beginning even if I didn’t really believe…well not at first!? Thank you so much Carmen, I owe you everything.

Mike Hurley


Hi Carmen,

I can’t really thank you enough for the help you’ve given me over the past few months.

I’ve never really enjoyed exercise before, and with all the medical problems it’s been very easy not to do any. Following the surgery I was determined to get mobile again, and I’ve been amazed at the progress I’ve made with you. Even family and friends have commented on the improvement. You’ve helped boost my confidence and believe that I can do things.

The sessions have always been fun, I’ve looked forward to them, and felt so much better afterwards. You’ve pushed me but I’ve always felt in control, and had such fun with you half the time I never realised I was being pushed!

Thank you again




I found Carmen through doing a search on the Internet and then booked a series of massages with her. I have very tight calves and was having problems with a long standing lower back ache. Carmen’s massage was great as it was a deep tissue massage and was actually getting to the problem within my back, which previous masseuses have never been able to. She always finds the niggles in my legs which seem to be an ongoing problem with much stretching and exercising will hopefully keep at bay. I have found Carmen to be very professional, very knowledgeable and although never a pain free massage it has always been exactly what I needed. And thanks for all the useful hints and stretching exercises that you have told me about too. I will be very sad when I have to move in March as I know as a therapist myself it is very hard to find a good masseuse.



I feel much fitter and healthier since I have been working out with Carmen. I noticed a marked improvement in a relatively short space of time. Carmen puts real thought and preparation into our sessions and we do a huge range of workouts from boxing to hulahooping! Carmen always takes the time to ‘check-in’ with me, making sure that the sessions are reaching my goals and that I am happy with the techniques and exercises we are using. She is very well educated both generally and particularly in exercise and physiology – making sure I stretch and exercise my muscles correctly. She is very flexible and works to fit around my schedule. I have had many exercise teachers in the past and I would rank Carmen as the best. She is friendly, approachable and easy to get along with, taking her cues from you as to how you like to be motivated. She is an inspiration – a really interesting person with a wide range of interests and naturally she is super fit, but most of all she is FUN!!

Kim, busy professional


2010 I decided the time was needed for me to get fit, after searching the internet I couldnt believe my luck I found what appeared to be the right personnel trainer for me. A women with the right qualifications and at very reasonable rates.
The moment I spoke to carmen I knew I would hit it off straight away. First impressions were correct. On your first session you will be assessed and asked what you want to get out of having a personnel trainer. You will then get a programme tailored to your needs. Then at regular intervals your fitness / diet will be assessed. No two sessions are ever the same.
I found Carmen to be a friendly, polite, and to the point, trainer and i would recommend her to a friend.

Mrs Clare Yorke


“When I found Carmen I was really struggling with my confidence which was making me feel really low and not myself. Whilst exercising with Carmen I gradually started to regain my confidence and by the end of it I was a much happier and brighter person. Not only did Carmen help me get into shape, but she also gave me great nutritional advice. Carmen made me feel really comfortable and not at all intimidated by her impressing physique. She really has a passion for all types of exercise which shows in her sessions when she is super enthusiastic and encouraging. Carmen asked me what type of training I wanted, and how I would like her to be with me. Carmen was kind and understanding but also pushed me to the potential she knew I have inside. Carmen really knows her stuff and educates you the whole way through. You can tell her you have a certain pain in a specific area on your body and she tells you to do one particular stretch and you are cured instantly! I found myself looking forward to every session and feeling refreshed and proud of myself afterwards. Carmens personal training was just what I wanted.”