I can not believe it is this time of year again. ?Were all running around organising Christmas and New Years events. ?Every one is stressed and rushed. ?Wait a minute , why?

As the year is coming to an, we need to just slow down a little, breath deeply and think why am I so rushed/stressed/tired? ?Make time to slow down, meditate , do some exercise. ?I know you are thinking I don’t have the time for that, but I believe that if you look at your day, the time you spend in front of the T.V or the time spend on the Internet, you can surely make time for 15 minutes of breathing and relaxation or Pilates, ?or 20-30 min of cardio or any form of exercise.

Don’t forget about your nutritional needs this time of year. ?Have some lovely in season winter vegetables and try out some new game recipes. Nurture your body from the inside with fresh organic or free range , pesticide free and chemical free whole foods. ?You are what you eat!

Lastly my favourite bit about these last few weeks of the year, is looking back over the last year. ?What have I achieved? ?What did I learn? ?What exciting new adventures did I do? How am I feeling about this year thats been? ?

I look at all these questions and I feel good. I have achieved every thing I have set out to achieve. I have done some scary and exciting new things. ?I have been and are at the moment studying and learning a hell of a lot more. ?Work wise I have achieved a lot, I have helped my clients to achieve their goals. ?I am very healthy thanks to my healthy lifestyle and I am Happy 🙂

Now all we need to do in the last few days of 2014 is decide what am I going to achieve in 2015. How am I going to enjoy and make 2015 special?

Remember if you don’t make time for yourself, loving yourself and taking care of yourself through time out and healthy living , ?you are making yourself ill on many different levels. 

Slow down, exercise, sleep, eat healthy, spend time with friends and family who’s company you enjoy.

Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2015


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We are not designed to be sitting all day.

If you look at our ancestors, they were hunting, gathering , farming and eating from natural products.

They were not overweight and ill.

Moving is our friend. the more we move , the happier and healthier we shall be. ?Don’t just sit there and watch T.V or read on the the Tablet, get up , get out and move.

Anything counts, gardening, DIY, walking, hiking, swimming, rowing or just get up and walk 10 times up and down the stairs.

Try to sit less, move more, smile more and you will look and feel the difference.


Carmen 🙂

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Big Bang Exercise

People always like to ask me; ? ? ? ? ?What is the best exercise to do?

Well we all need to do different exercises to suit our bodies needs, ?at any given time.

But to simplify it. ?A must do exercise for every one, young or old, ?is the squat.

It is a very easy exercise to master and to do any time, any where. ?But it is crucial to get the technique right.

How to do:

Stand in front of a chair or a bed with your back towards the seat.

Place your feet slightly wider than hip width. Draw shoulders back and down towards your buttocks. ? ? ?Hold your arms at just below shoulder height.

Draw your belly button in, ?supporting your spine.

As you exhale, ?sit down onto the chair ? ? ?and ? ?as you inhale stand up.

That is a basic movement we use every day.

Next repetition ; ? As you lower yourself down towards the chair, try not to sit down ? ? ? ? ?( stop short of the chair), ? ? ? ?inhale as you stand up to the starting position.

Viola, that is a squat.

Important points to watch out for;

1. Keep your knees inline with your toes

2. Keep your knees behind your toes, don’t let your knees move over your toes. ? It puts ?a lot of pressure on the knees.

If you really struggle with this, just think to yourself ; stick the bum out.

If you still struggle with this exercise, you need to do some stretching of the calves.

Move slowly for optimal muscle activation.

Start off by doing 10 at a time. ? ? Focus on what you are doing, ? ? ?feel what is happening.

Have fun, remember to breath.

If you feel any pain or discomfort stop.



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6 Daily modifiable foundation factors that are crucial to daily health , happiness and vitality.




4. EAT




THOUGHTS; ?What we think, ?will be.

If we have happy positive , encouraging thought we will be happier. If ?our thoughts tend to be negative, you will be negative and ill and unhappy. ?So work on those happy thoughts !

BREATHING; if only we can breath properly.

I see so many clients who are shallow breathers. ?shallow breathing leads to more stress in the body, focus on breathing deeper and fuller , but not forced. Spend a few minutes every day, just breathing and listening and feeling this life-force.

DRINK; ? we are basically 75 % water.

If we don’t drink enough, good quality filtered water, we are causing a lot of damage to our organs , bones, tendons, muscles ex. ?If we just drink more water, we will be so much healthier. I can ramble on about this, but really people drink up the good stuff.

EAT: ?yes we all need food to stay alive. But there is proper healthy nutritious food, then there are poor quality, mass produced food. You are what you eat!

If you eat bad quality food your body will react like a garbage bin. ?if we eat healthy vibrant, good quality food, we will be healthy.

EXERCISE: ?we as human beings are suppose to be moving all day, instead we sit all day. ?There are various forms of exercise; relaxing yoga or tai chi or pilates or strength training or cardio or group sports, the list is endless. ?We need to alternate relaxing , healing exercises with more vigorous exercise for a healthy mind and body. ? ?Get moving

SLEEP; ?we all feel groggy if we don’t sleep well.

There is no such thing as coping absolutely fine with less that 8 hour sleep per night. If you do?sleep less on a regular basis than the recommended 8 hours, you are causing harm to yourself. get to bed early, relax, read a book. avoid T.V and computers before bed. ? ?Sleep ?zzzz

If you work on these 6 daily modifiable foundation principles, believe me, you will see a massive improvement in your health.


Carmen 🙂


What does being fit mean?

Being fit means different things to different people.

Some people want to be able to carry and play with their children or grand children without pain and discomfort or feeling exhausted. ? Some wants to be able to work and not feel exhausted by the end of the work day, others think being fit means being pain or discomfort free. Then there are people who use to be good at sport when they were younger and would like to feel that fit again and even participate in sport again.

For some of us being fit means being leaner, losing weight, being happy. Then there are those, that can never be fit enough..triathletes, iron man competitors ex

I love helping people achieve their ideal fitness level.

For me being fit means being able to take my dog for long walks. Getting on my bike and go cycling with friends and enjoying it. ?To go skiing for a week and not feel tired. To be able to stand up or jump up without having to think about it. For me being fit is essential, it makes me very happy, very mobile and I know my body will take care of me when I need it to.

But also being fit means eating healthy, feeling healthy.

Enjoy being fit and getting fit!!!!!!!!


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Carmen Fitness now also offers Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

?Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. ?Paul Chek, HHP, NMT
SAN DIEGO, CA: More and more, the desire to get in shape and to stay healthy involves enlisting the help of a personal trainer or lifestyle coach. Dozens of organizations in the fitness industry now issue certifications to each, promising competency with those certified. But what makes one certification better than the other? And most importantly, who gets lasting results? Now, a revolutionary approach to health, fitness, and increased vitality has arrived.

Carmen Delport, a Personal Trainer from Mytchett in Camberley, recently became a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level Level 1, using the cutting-edge techniques of world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner and certified Neuromuscular Therapist Paul Chek; founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, CA. Chek, a sought-after teacher and speaker, has had unparalleled success using his holistic approach in rehabilitation and conditioning for over 18 years.

To become a CHEK HLC, Carmen ?attended the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Advanced Training Program November 2013. This program combines an intensive study of the relationship between food and lifestyle habits and the tools to recognize and create individualized eating plans to improve their client?s health and overall wellness. In addition, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach understands the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving the health of their clients and learn practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes.

I have many years experience in the fitness industry and over the years I have realised that there is more involved in being fit and healthy than exercising and healthy eating. It is important to do the right exercise for your body for that day and to eat correctly for your body and well being. We are all unique .

We lead very stressed, ?full lives and we don’t want to pay attention to what is making us ill and overweight. ?

So over the years I have asked myself the question, why am I so successful with some clients and less so with other clients and I a lot of answers when I studied for my Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach qualification.?



Fit and Healthy 2014

Now is the time to decide and take action on how you are going to get fit and healthy in 2014.

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, that is no secret, we all know it. ?So decide how, when and where you are going to fit in your individual form of exercise on a regular basis.

Firstly you need to think what you might enjoy doing. These days there are so many forms of exercise. Maybe take up tennis, walking, trekking, swimming, kayaking or classes at your local community hall or gym.

Then very important, extremely important, put it in your diary! It is a very important appointment to keep, probably the most important appointment in your diary to keep. This is your time for yourself. There is nothing more important than a healthy mind and body.

I always hear, I don’t have time?nonsense. ?It is amazing how people find time to exercise. Put away the excuses, just do it, go on.

Nutrition/diet is the next major thing. Oh my world, how people will find excuses to eat rubbish. Oh well its your life. If you want to be ill, obese dependant on medication and unhappy , then carry on, eat the crap.

You are what you eat! eat healthy and eat smaller portions.

If you want to really sort out your diet come and see me. To be the optimal you, we will look what you can and should eat and should not eat. ?If you need motivation and guidance on how to exercise, not all exercise is equal, come and see me 🙂

HAPPY 2014


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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is a common problem these days. ?And it is so easy to treat and to avoid.

Unfortunately we have turned into a pill popping nation. We expect there to be a pill for everything. ? ? ? Were are treating the symptoms not the cause.

Shortly; ?Your body is not a machine. You can not abuse it and expect it to function 100% all the time. ?We don’t mind spending money on nice cars and clothes, but when it comes to our own bodies we treat it so badly.?

?If you feed your body commercially produced?food and?unfiltered water. And if you do not do a regular form of exercise and take time out every day to relax and recover?you will become over weight, ill and fatigued= chronic fatigue

Take care of your body from the inside out and you will be a much healthier happier individual.

Dont delay, make 2014 the year of a healthier you.


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Yes , it is. Being fit, healthy and the right weight for your height helps you to be a happier, ? more confident individual. ?I see it all the time. ?People come to me unfit and not very confident, we start training and looking at diet and viola…. Being a more physical brings you closer to your true self, ( it is a form of meditation)

Exercise helps us cope with daily life and all it stressors. There is also such a thing as to much exercise 🙂

Exercise and a healthy diet also prevents many diseases. Being fit will help us as we get older.

Come on…now is the time to make the change…get active 🙂



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Pilates classes on a Tuesday and Thursday. ?Maximum of 4 per class, individual attention and exercises that will suit you. ?For better posture, core strength and flexibility.

?40 for 4 classes for 4 consecutive weeks. ?All classes at my Studio in Mytchett near Frimley and Farnborough and Camberley.

Contact me on 07789967452 or 01252 515507 or email;

See you soon

Carmen 🙂

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